Image by Akansha Mohan

Image by Akansha Mohan


Empower women and girls at risk or engaged in forced sex work through education, healthcare, and social support.


Samarthya Trust applies a hybrid social enterprise model that merges the development aims of a non-profit with the sustainable approach of a business. As an Indian-registered Trust, we offer paid skill-training, child-support, education to marginalized communities. 


At our pilot center in Najafgarh on the outskirts of New Delhi, marginalized women have access to paid training and production related to sewing, appliqué, and textiles. Samarthya Trust is providing women and adolescent girls with limited or no educational background or previous training with intensive support to gain skills. Our vision is to ensure marginalized women emerge economically empowered to sew their own future.




Deep within me I know that because of [the] centre I can fulfill my dreams.
— Ishita, Community Mobilizer